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This is Facebook ID Extractor, for extracting ID's
from facebook pages, groups and events .

Facebook ID Extractor is a free software to extract user ID's from facebook fan pages, groups, Events and Posts. We are extracting ID's of active users only.All user ID's will be saved to a CSV file which can be imported to facebook power editor for custom targeting. Our application is 100% safe with facebook terms and conditions.

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Facebook ID Extractor is an awesome facebook power editor tool for extracting user ID's from facebook fanpages,groups,posts and events.If you wanna be a successfull online marketor , Facebook ID Extractor is a must have tool for custom targeting. Facebook ID Extractor software will extract unlimited ID's from facebook.Fantastic way to focus on Facebook fan pages that don’t have numerous likes and provide them your like-boosting services. Download Facebook ID Extractor right now!!

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How Facebook ID Extractor Works?

  • Search Facebook pages, groups, posts and events based on keywords , sort and filter by the number of likes, alphabetic order to find those pages with few likes, and then offer them your like-boosting services
  • Search posts on Facebook to find people who are in immediate need of you and what you sell. People who post things like ‘I need a new website design’ are people who are already looking for what you have to offer.
  • Extract user ids of people from relevant groups, active users of fan pages, people who have liked, commented and people who’ve attended events and sve it to a CSV file which can be imported to facebook power editor for custom targeting.

Hurry!! Don't waste money on facebook untargeted advertisemts .Use Facebook ID Extractor for custom targeted ads.

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